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Bye blogger ): ): ):
Saturday, January 02, 20101:00 PM
Blogger, it was really amazing with you ): I'll miss you so, and will come over and update you once in a while yeah? (:

Love you!

Amanda has moved to Xanga!
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LG Secret
Thursday, December 24, 20099:42 AM
This phone is probably the saddest phone I've ever seen or used.

I wonder how a phone like that can be born and bring misery to all those who have chosen it as their lifetime phones.

To all phone creaters out there, I don't expect a phone that never hangs or one that never gives you problems, but at least make a phone you truely believe people can trust, and not because they look cool or whatever you guys are aiming for.

Man, Sony Ericsson has to learn that too.
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Ayumi Cds for SALE!
Thursday, December 17, 200911:41 PM
Hey guys, I was cleaning up my room today when I found a whole lot of Ayumi Cds that I used to listen to! Now I'm thinking of selling it away ):

For more information, check out my Ad by clicking here(:

Thanks for the support! :D
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wake up call.
Wednesday, December 16, 20094:25 PM
Staying with him without a maid is forcing the reality into me;

He doesn't care.
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2:15 PM
Here I am, in front of my computer, thinking of which year EXACTLY did I attend Primary School. Nicholas Chen, all your fault! D:

The hols for me are going really REALLY well, on top of having a fun-filled week last week (: This week is mostly swaving and skating, with a whee bit of time dedicated to doing my wine project, that I'm really working hard for, to make up for my loss during the test ):

Waiting for the skies to clear up! :D I can't wait to go to the beach again later (:

<3 cookies! :D
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Saturday, December 12, 200911:27 PM
It's only the 2nd day of hols and I am having such a blast that sometimes I keep thinking that my hols are ending in a day or two's time. I've done a lot of things I've wanted to do WAY before my hols and YES, I CAN SWAVE DAMN IT.

To those losers out there who think swaving is stupid, Imma kill you if I get the chance to! (and if you're my friends, WORSE!)

Also, I've recently met up with my pri school friend Xiling! REALLY AMAZING. I'm pretty sure it's in one of my new year's resolution but it didn't work out HAHA! After two-three years, here I am staring at a figure that looks EXACTLY like a bestie I had in pri school!

No change in her tsktsk!

We're gonna have a new family member in the family! :D


Boy do I LOVE that name! :D:D
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we, fellow chiongsters
Saturday, November 28, 200910:53 PM
pledge ourselves to finish our F&B project as soon as possible before the due date, so as to achieve, happiness, sleep and $#($#@)$

I'm so tired of FBOP.
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Monday, November 16, 20096:09 PM
I feel extremely weird today. I wonder if it's the medicine because it has never given me such long effects before. Yes, it's the 13hr one but I think I've never felt so down after taking it.

All that hit me today was just everything. It just feels as if all the problems are attacking me at one go and I can't seem to handle it. For some reason, my energy was focused on all the problems at hand. Normally, I'm able to handle such pressures by taking a step at a time but today felt different.

Today just felt as if I can't do anything I want to do.

It kinda makes me feel as if I'm thinking too much and that I'm making MY OWN life miserable. Jees, I hope my brain'll stop working on useless things and get on with my work!

By the way, I don't know if my brain is playing tricks with me, but when I was in wine class, I caught absolutely..


I'm serious. I can't seem to digest whatever he said earlier.

But what I can't believe is, I just read through the notes, and for some reason, I get EVERYTHING.

Wahlao, what's wrong with my mind!
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